April 29, 2022

"The Father Center of New Jersey/A Warm Blanket & Tools for Successful Fatherhood"

This week I’m delighted to welcome three guests from The Father Center of New Jersey: Marc Warren, Director of Operations, Carter Patterson, Director of Programs and Randall Toby, Programs/Projects Coordinator. Our conversation with these mission driven public servants continues our exploration of the particular impact the pandemic has had on community service organizations.  It's wonderful to learn how, through creative thinking and use of resources, organizations like this can not only continue to serve their participants, but also thrive.

Through the work of The Father Center, men (or anyone who identifies as a father figure) have access to “Bridges 2 Success” certification training, “Operation Fatherhood” including courses in anger management, parenting skills, technology skills, career counseling, a workforce investment program, and multiple other programs including access to case management services at all levels. As Carter describes it…. they provide their participants with “A Warm Blanket”!  The key is building trust.

They kept things going during the pandemic through strategic partnerships with other organizations, virtual outreach, and social media. This new hybridized approach has been so successful, it will continue to be their model going forward. And as they work to broaden their outreach, Randall notes they’ve been asked to host a statewide fathership conference in November!

As Marc says, “The Father Center is a small organization with a large impact.” 

Tune in to hear more from these great public servants!

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