July 11, 2022

Sandy Stolzman- "Rekindling creativity/Lessons in Survival/Caring for our planet"

Sandy Stolzman-

After a bit of a break, here comes Season 2 of “I’m Frickin’ Lonely”. No…the pandemic isn't over…new variants abound! And while it’s become the new normal, it continues to have long term impact on most everyone’s lives.

This episode features a conversation with photographer Sandy Stolzman. After working her tail off for decades in providing products and resources to the design industry, Sandy was able to rekindle her creative fire by returning to her early love of photography. (As too often happens, artistic passions take a back seat to the need to make a living!)

And while her previous career had required her to be “on” all the time, her photography has allowed her to reconnect with herself and with nature. From landscapes to people to macro photography of flowers, insects and reptiles (to name just a few of her subjects) Sandy has found her new muse. She also shares with us how photography has connected her with wonderful volunteers and committed staff members at places such as Andalusia House, Morris Arboretum, Fort Mifflin and Chanticleer.

Sandy also tells us of how her close work with nature has strengthened her commitment to the environment. This led her to connect with OnlyOne, an organization committed to saving our oceans…one coral and one mangrove at a time. (I was inspired to join as well!)

As a child of Holocaust survivors, Sandy knows all too well about how to survive under the worst circumstances. While we may feel despair right now, she advises us all to hope for a better future!

See Sandy’s work at:

Instagram – SandyStolzmanPhotography

Website – Murals.Design -

   Here you can see installations of Sandy’s wonderful photographic murals. Projects include:

    · Weill Cornell OBGYN and Pediatrics

    · Inspira Health

    · St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital

    · Jefferson Health

    · Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

Organizations mentioned:

  Only One – https://only.one

  Andalusia House – https://andalusiapa.org

  Fort Mifflin – http://www.fortmifflin.us

  Tyler Arboretum – https://tylerarboretum.org

  Chanticleer Garden – https://www.chanticleergarden.org