Sept. 5, 2022

Samantha Spriggs - "From Anger to Joy - a Creative Journey"

Samantha Spriggs -

In this episode of “I’m Frickin’ Lonely”, I’m returning to the world of creative performance art; exploring how the creators were able to keep their juices flowing while in physical isolation. This week’s guest, Samantha Spriggs, a dancer, choreographer and dance educator, shares some unique insights into doing something so very physical while not physically present! Talk about creative work arounds!

Samantha shares how her choreography and teaching work emphasize the intersections between performing arts and social justice; and how dance and arts education cultivates strength, confidence, empathy and provides the tools necessary to be a good human.

She definitely infuses these tenets into the life-learning of her three kiddos. She describes the balancing act of her creative work and family life as “controlled chaos”, but that she actually functions better when handling multi-faceted challenges.

During our conversation, I had promised, but then forgot, to ask Sammy to provide a definition of “Bautanzt Here”, a dance organization in Atlanta. So I provide it here:

Bautanzt Here (translates to “building dances here”) is a site-specific dance performance company. Drawing inspiration from architecture and the ways in which humans interact with and live  their lives within the structures around them, Bautanzt Here creates multidisciplinary performances in non-traditional settings, and makes Dance accessible to audiences who otherwise might not experience live performances.

Visit the following sites for more information:

Instagram: @danceatlanta @samanthaspriggsdance