April 16, 2022

Michael Roseborough - "The Aha! Moment/Serving Students at Risk/Tap Room Take-Overs"

Michael Roseborough -

This week we continue our deep dive into how the community continued to be supported during the pandemic by the herculean efforts of caring individuals and organizations.

Michael Roseborough, Project Director at the Princeton YMCA and director of the ACE program, is one of those exceptional individuals. He tells a heart-rending story that led to his Aha! moment and his commitment to helping young people overcome adverse circumstances.

Mike shares insights into how the ACE program (Accept Compete Excel) is helping to reduce chronic absenteeism in the Princeton Public Schools and build connections and supports for students in grades 8 to 12 who are most at risk of missing school and falling behind.

We also learn how he developed a love of craft beers and strives to share that love with his buddies through “Tap Room Take-overs”, while at the same time bringing a more diverse clientele to New Jersey breweries. Mike assures me that all “allies” are welcome!

I loved my conversation with Mike and I hope you listen and enjoy as well!