May 8, 2022

Merilee Meacock -"Building Community/Giving People a Voice/the Pandemic was like a Snow Day"

Merilee Meacock -

This week we circle back to the world of architecture and welcome Merilee Meacock, Architect and Partner at KSS Architects. Merilee was one of (what it’s starting to look like) a lot of people who reacted well to the isolation created by the pandemic. She likened the quietude to a “snow day”!  I loved that analogy!

There is a common thread throughout our conversation with Merilee, her passion for building communities. She does this through identifying common purpose and creating connections and giving people a voice. She describes designing for the human experience and the importance of connecting people to nature through biophilic design. This is especially important in her area of practice related to building for neurodiverse populations and people with autism.

Have you wondered what PechaKucha is?’s your chance to learn about it and how Merilee’s teams use it to help build connection and understanding within the firm. (I Googled it…)

Merilee has found that the best path to self-preservation and refueling her creative spirit is taking time for one’s self and finding balance. She’s lucky to have a haven in Maine where she can do this.

This summary just skims the surface! Listen in for much more!