Jan. 20, 2022

Mel Gjombalaj - Animal Whisperer - Fox Protector

Mel Gjombalaj - Animal Whisperer - Fox Protector

This week we’re talking with Mel Gjonbalaj. Mel tells us how she actually found comfort and an opportunity for introspection while isolating during the pandemic. (Escape from FOMO!) 

Our conversation also (of course) covers the creation of the Princeton Fox Project, and how we “stalked” the suffering foxes on campus. We also learn how she patiently shares her point of view with those on “the other side”…an admirable skill many of us lack. (I am speaking for myself…).

Mel advises us to “slow down, “learn how to just be” and reflect…to be more like her dog Jeffy and smell the bushes…(and maybe pee in the wilderness?). 

Give a listen!