Oct. 21, 2022

Leslie Maxie - "Becoming and Olympian/The Power of Having a Vision"

Leslie Maxie -

In this episode of “I’m Frickin’ Lonely”, I welcome Leslie Maxie, a U.S. Olympian, keynote speaker and media professional. And she’s just an all-around cool person to boot!  She even has a Wikipedia entry!

Leslie tells us the story of her background and how that led her to the Olympics. Having strong family support and great coaching didn’t hurt! We also talk about her subsequent media career and her current focus on public speaking (both doing and teaching) and her exciting newest project, “Not Your Mama’s 50” movement. It’s a great concept you’ll want to hear about! (And she also got to be involved in a project with Oprah! So, there’s that!)

Leslie shares how her successes have been the result of a combination of great mentors, nurturers, and guides along the way; an internal drive and willingness to do the work; and a belief in listening to and responding to a divine appointment.

Leslie advises us that we all exist in relationships and that as spiritual beings we are connected to one another and that we need to not only be reflective but also proactive in those relationships. That falls right in line with the theme of this podcast!

Please tune in to hear my conversation with this exceptional human being!

Visit the following site to learn more about Leslie.