March 31, 2022

Kate Bech - "Artist to Non-Profit Leader/Building Mutual Trust Through a Common Vision"

Kate Bech -

This week my guest is Kate Bech, VP of Mission Advancement for the Greater Somerset County YMCA. Kate recounts her journey from artist to non-profit leader, and how her Midwest upbringing instilled a sense of duty, justice and fairness and a belief in public service that undoubtedly played a role in her following that path.

We also learn how navigating the “rules” created by the government’s response to the pandemic made leading the Y so challenging. Kate attributes much of her and the Y’s ability to continue to serve the community to her exemplary team of volunteers and board members.

Kate’s vision for the Y is to provide a place where people of all walks of life can come together, experience the joy of sharing a common purpose and regain mutual trust; a true community center that fulfills people’s “longing for belonging!”

Once again, I was uplifted to know there are optimistic, energetic people working toward improving our social fabric!