Feb. 22, 2022

Ira Stanley - "The Right Kind of Pandemic Blues"

Ira Stanley -

This week’s guest is Ira Stanley, accomplished rock and blues guitarist, musician, and song writer. Currently Ira is the lead guitarist for the bands Checker’d Past and Blues Power. I was eager to learn how Ira kept his music going through the pandemic. (Here Social Media once again features front and center…in this case in a positive way…)

As the owner of businesses that provided on call nursing and doctor’s services, Ira had an up-close vantage point of the demands on medical professionals created by the pandemic.  And his own bout with pre-vaccine COVID made it all the more personal.

Ira also shares the clever way he and his wife were still able to “dine out” while restaurants were closed down and how he believes people have learned that working from home has not turned out to be all it was cracked up to be.

Check out Ira’s bands on their Face Book pages:

Blues Power https://www.facebook.com/bluespowerband

Checker’d Past https://www.facebook.com/checkerdband