Nov. 2, 2022

Glenn Morton - "Prevailing Over Adversity/Seven Key Principles to Live By"

Glenn Morton -

Today’s episode is one helluva story! Glenn Morton, the founder of “Father to the Fatherless Generation” shares the colorful and heart-rending story of his own troubled, very difficult childhood and how a single act of kindness totally changed his life.

What was lacking in his “upbringing” inspired him to create his organization, dedicated to helping boys and young men develop into productive and fulfilled adults. “Where fathers lack, we pick up the pace, and we make the relationship personal.” Glenn’s program focuses on teaching these 7 key principles, which if you listen, you’ll learn about!

1. Be Resourceful
2. Break the Cycle
3. Create Character
4. Have Faith
5. Learn Discipline
6. Correct the Brotherhood
7.  Raise Sons

Glenn is also a musician, (we learn how he picked his rap name of “Prevail” and that he opened for Destiny’s Child & Nelly!), an author and a business owner….a true renaissance man and entrepreneur!

Glenn advises each of us to have faith in yourself, that pain can make you great if you let it, and to give all you can during your life so that when you leave this world you are empty.

Please tune in to hear my conversation with yet another amazing human being!

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