May 27, 2022

Carol Markowitz - "A Life Following Passions: Autism, WWII Stories, Empowering Kenyan Girls"

Carol Markowitz -

This week’s guest, Carol Markowitz is yet another remarkable person to share her stories with me! (Wow…have I been lucky to meet all these great people!!) Carol tells how as a student she discovered a passion that lead to a decades-long career in autism services (Spoiler alert…she helped a 7 year old girl to learn to speak!)

We also learn how finding packets of old letters between her mother and soldiers in WWII led to her post-retirement fulfillment…. researching and writing a book of historical stories about the war.  Her knowledge of the subject is astounding. (It helps that her husband is also a writer, leading to home-environment synergy.)

But that’s not all. Carol has also become involved in an organization that helps shelter girls in Kenya who are in danger of being sold off for early marriage. It is yet another passion project!

Carol advises us all to find our passion and pursue it in whatever way is available to us. I hope you’ll listen and be inspired to pursue your own passions.


By Carol Markowitz: “Autism Spectrum Disorders in Adolescents and Adults” Guildford Press 2014

“Yours for the Asking; a Soldier’s Letters Home” (yet to be published)

By Jeff Markowitz: “Hit or Miss” and “Motive for Murder”

Organizations of note:

Eden Autism Services -

Organization for Autism Research -

The National WII Museum – New Orleans, LA -

Military Writers Society of America - (Saving history one story at a time.)

New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program -