Jan. 6, 2022

Blair Miller - Purveyor of Kindness and Mother of Mags

Blair Miller - Purveyor of Kindness and Mother of Mags

Today our guest is Blair Miller. Blair tells us how she parlayed the onslaught of pandemic derailments into the founding of The Mr. Rogers’ Neighbors Kindness Project, an organization serving local businesses and people in need in one fell swoop.   We also discuss how COVID has been the test of fire for relationships, budgets and achieving a balanced life between self-care and external demands.  For Blair, being grounded in the arts provides a haven for personal regeneration and inspiration.    

Groups mentioned in the podcast that I hope you’ll check into include the following;

Mr. Rogers’ Neighbors Kindness Project     https://mrrogersneighbors.com/

 We give our kind neighbors the chance to add on meals and products at checkout at their favorite local spots for our neighbors in need during Covid-19.

Corner House Behavioral Health – Princeton  https://www.cornerhousesite.com/

Our mission is to prevent and treat alcohol and drug addiction by engaging and supporting youth, adults, and families in life-long healthy living and recovery.  They provide "licensed outpatient/IOP treatment for substance use disorder. Outreach programs in partnership with Princeton Public Schools Prevention programs in partnership with Princeton public and private high schools"